Get our blueprint to succeed using Grafikky!

How about we reveal some insider strategies to create
stunning designs, perfectly price your projects, land
high-paying clients,& keep getting repeat orders?

These are the exact steps that will take you from getting mediocre results to
extraordinary results effortlessly using Grafikky!

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Grafikky Design Domination


Here’s what we have got inside our
Grafikky Design Domination Training...

Module 1
The Graphic Designing Society

Creating designs inside Grafikky is a child’s play! We have enough training inside our tool to help you do that!

But here we are talking about taking your designs to go from good to extraordinary!

In this module we have 13 interesting training sessions that will show you some of our valuable secrets that will wow your customers. The secrets that have been working for us time & again and giving us consistent results..

Your clients will be willing to pay more when you pull out these design secrets in your projects…

Module 2-
Pricing Strategies 

The single most important aspect that many people doing business or offering services ignore is pricing their products / services right!

In this module, we are going to teach you how to arrive at the sweet spot that your potential clients cannot refuse taking your services!

We are going to show you how to take into account all the hard work, time you spend, cost of your resources, your fixed costs, investments and everything before determining the pricing!

We’ll also tell you about the psychological pricing conversion triggers that are proven to increase your conversions...

There are 100s of case studies that prove a right pricing strategy can drastically improve sales and ultimately the profits!

After all we are working to generate profits.. So this module will help you fix your pricing and effortlessly increase your orders!

Take a look at the lessons we have inside waiting for you…

Module 3-
Land High-paying clients 

There are 10s of 1000s of people who freelance or run Agencies! Not all are successful. To get real paying clients is not easy!

In this module we are going to show you multiple ways to get the perfect clients that you’ve been waiting for. It’s all about knocking the right doors. It's about offering your services at the right place where you’ll be heard loud & clear!

These are not any random strategies but the exact methods that we still use to get graphic clients!

Remember not any clients but high-paying clients who will come back to you again and again!

Take a look at all the lessons we have inside this module..

Module 4 - The proposal 

Converting prospects into clients is a huge task and a very tricky one for many!

That’s exactly why we’ve included this module so you will learn how to perfect your pitch and how to look 200% professional in your dealings!

We also have some tips that easily make your prospects take their wallet out and opt for your service!

This is what we have inside our Proposal module.. 

Module 5 - Customer Retention 

Here is an interesting fact!

A meagre 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%

Also acquiring a new customer is much costlier than retaining an existing one!

Customer Retention is very important. Most of our business comes from people who already worked with us, who already know that we deliver as committed! They come back because of the positive experience they’ve had with us.

In this module we are going to show you what we do in our business to retain customers and get more repeat business from them…

It’s the perfect way to increase your profits without any additional spend!

Here is what you’ll find inside our customer retention module….

Design Domination in Detail

Lessons in each Module Includes...











We’ve got the training part covered.. 

But what about implementation… 

Of Course..the implementation is in your hands… But we thought we could do something about that as well.. To actually make you take action...

So we went a step ahead and decided to run 4 accountability workshops spanning across 4 weeks! 

Unlock 5 Part Training Module + 4 Live Workshops NOW!

For an extrmely low one-time price!


Launch Special - $27 One-Time Only Price

But that’s not all that you get today!

We’ve included these special bonuses that will help you multiply your results!

Bonus #1

Impactful ways of building a team

(Valued at $49)

Teamwork promotes strong working relationships. And it's great for your organisation, since employees who like and trust each other are more likely to: Communicate well with each other. Therefore, we are sharing with a you a guide of impactful ways of building a team. It will include all minor do’s and don’ts of team building and will be your best friend when you will in your team building phase.

Bonus #2

5 Time management hacks to be more productive (Valued at $150)

Managing time is one of the main reason for success in your professional life. If we manage our time well, we give ourselves the liberty to manage everything in order. Here are some of the time management hacks which will help you to manage your time while running the agency nicely and achieving all your goals. 


As always you’re backed by our 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee. For any reason you’re not happy with your purchase, you can contact our support desk within the next 30 days and get your money refunded!

So the risk is on us. You’ve nothing to lose or nothing to worry about!

We won’t offer this again!

Unlock your access to Design Domination right away! 


  • check_circle Massive Designing Training 
  • check_circle Taught by leading designing expert in the industry 
  • check_circle Dominate Any Niche 
  • check_circle Get instant world class design ideas for any niche any time 
  • check_circle Be known for your graphics 
  • check_circle Sell for $500 each 
  • check_circle Module 1 - The Graphic Designing Society 
  • check_circle Module 2 - Pricing Strategies 
  • check_circle Module 3 - Land High-paying clients 
  • check_circle Module 4 - The proposal 
  • check_circle Module 5 - Customer Retention 
  • check_circle HD Video Training 
  • check_circle 5 Modules 
  • check_circle 40+ Lessons 
  • check_circle 4 Weeks Live Accountability Workshops 
  • check_circle Cloud-Based Access 
  • check_circle Exclusive Bonuses 
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Frequently Asked Questions about Design Domination 

Question 1. Why should I get design domination? 

A. It gives you the exact blueprint to succeed using grafikky! It covers all the insider strategies that we use in our business that will help you create better graphics, land more clients and get repeat orders. It will help you avoid costly mistakes. You can simply swipe our success formula and easily succeed using Grafikky! 

Question 2. Where can I access these lessons / courses?

A. You will be getting access to our cloud-based membership platform where you can go through these courses at your convenience.

Question 3. What are these accountability workshops? 

A. We are going to be running 4 live workshops over a 1-month period. In these workshops you will not just learn but implement what you’ve learnt. It will help you turn Grafikky into a success habit that will help you achieve your goals!

Question 4. Can I come back and pick this later?

A. I am afraid not! We will never be selling Design domination after this launch. Even if we sell, we might sell it in some of our internal webinars at $997 or more! We will never offer this at a low one-time price!

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